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Alex Rupert

Alex Rupert : Fission
Alex Rupert : Fission (fragment)
Alex Rupert : "W"
Alex Rupert : Europe...
Alex Rupert : Two Hearts
Alex Rupert : Royal Blue
Alex Rupert : Bull and Boar
Alex Rupert : El Caballo
Alex Rupert : Houdini
Alex Rupert : Give 'em Hell Cowboy
Alex Rupert : Oedipus

Alex Rupert is a muralist and painter with creative roots loosely grounded in San Francisco, New York and Cleveland. He is formally trained as an Illustrator at the School of Visual Arts. Alex’s portraits are heavily weighted in process. “I like to think of the final product as somebody dropping an old statue and rearranging broken the cubist fragments onto a surface where it exists somewhere in between Futurism and the dredges of graffiti.” After his Berlin residency he moved back to Brooklyn, New York.



Fission (12/2016)   ⋅   press release   ⋅   facebook picture gallery  


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