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Marco Siciliano


Marco Siciliano (Caltagirone, 1991) an Italian artist based in Berlin. Through the analysis of psychosomatic pain and proxemics distances, he investigates relationships among bodies, transliterated into multidisciplinary works. The space assumes a pivotal role for his research, a field where bodies acquire coordinates to appear in intimate places or in unknown landscapes, hiding and fragmenting themselves as we silently observe their slow dissolution between public and private. Photography and its serial accumulation act as leit motiv of my research. The single elements, multiplied in collections, are collected in self-published books. He graduated in Interior Design in Politecnico di Milano and now is attending Sculpture at Monica Bonvicini Class at Universität der Künste Berlin.


Vergissmeinnicht - Exhibition + Artist Book (October 22, 2021 in Porto, PT) ⋅  fb gallery

Vergissmeinnicht - Exhibition + Artist Book ⋅ text D ⋅  EN  ⋅ gallery installation

(April 27 - May 22, 2021)

gallery book

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