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Jan Durina

Jan Durina : Counting My Illusions
Jan Durina : REdiscovering
Jan Durina : You Look At Me and You
Jan Durina : Untitled
Jan Durina : Rope
Jan Durina : Ivan with White Flowers
Jan Durina : Untitled (Tiergarten)
Jan Durina : Untitled (Swans)
Jan Durina : Untitled

The turn towards observation and mysterious voyeurism in the works of Jan Durina comes after a previous preoccupation with directed photography. Connections between observed reality, substantiality of the moment, personal experience with the photographed persona and the desire to portray mutual relationships simultaneously links us to nature – sleeping trees, force of the wind and the energy of the water. The figures are not just mere human bodies with strong visual energy, they are interconnected by relations and experience – genuine individuals. This connection of intimacy, the exposed human body and poetry of needs, are spoken of in the works of Jan Durina with implicit frankness, almost lightness.

Jan Durina was born in 1988 in Slovakia. He is a multimedia artist who focuses mainly on photography. Besides that he works with sound, video and performance. He resides in Berlin.



Recent Works (March 2017) 

HORAL 3/3 (24th March 2017)   ⋅   facebook picture gallery

HORAL 2/3 (17th November 2016)   ⋅   facebook picture gallery

HORAL 1/3 (7th October 2016)


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