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Hue Hale

He Wasn't There, 2020.
He Wasn't There, 2020.
He Wasn't There, 2020.

Hue Hale is a visual artist who was born and raised in the suburbs of North Dublin City, Ireland. Hale has a background in fine art photography with a Bachelor's degree from IADT, Dün Laoghaire. His work focuses on conceptualising the darkness faced in everyday life, exploring his identity and mental health. His preferred method to visualise his concepts is by utilizing medium—format film photography. Hale frequently uses self—portraiture and his body to portray the mindset he's in. He uses photography cathartically, as a method of therapy. Hales work has been exhibited and published throughout Ireland, Europe and online. His graduate project titled 'He Suffers With His Nerves' which serves as a document of the fragile mental health of a young queer man in Ireland, has been well—received in particular. Hale responded to an open call by The Library Project which is a specialised photo book library and gallery run by The Photo Ireland Foundation, looking for contemporary photography to be published as one of their limited edition zines.

He Suffers With His Nerves' was chosen and is currently in publication at TLP. Hale immigrated to Berlin and this has significantly impacted his work. He photographed Ivana Ivkovic's performance II only want to love me' which was then featured in Eikon Magazine, which is published by the Austrian Institute of Photography and Media Art.


He Wasn't There (July 24 -August 9, 2020)     ⋅     curatorial text     ⋅     facebook gallery


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