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Andrés Senra

Andrés Senra, born in 1968 in Río do Janeiro, Brasil, is a multimedia Spanish artist. His recent work deals with the city as a body where the political, economic and social tensions of the contemporary world are projected or somatized in our bodies. His works are based on an investigation of the specific characteristics of the place where he will do field research, its history, its evolution, the significant social events and its landscape, proposing a new way of understanding public space and macro politics as a metaphor for personal relations and micro politics. 

His latest works inquire about the individual and his community, he
is interested in the collectivities that have built (by necessity or will) a microsystem governed by its own rules within or outside the global world. His artistic projects investigate the creation of affective and social networks and how support and affinity groups are created in different queer, LGBT, migrants and homeless communities. 

His work talks about people, their landscapes and their daily life with pictures, drawings, videos, performances and what he calls emotional portraits, collecting testimonies and developing a discourse that is sometimes narrative and sometimes poetic.


His work has been exhibited in important galleries and museums around the world such as Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía MNCARS (Spain), VanAbbe Museum (Holland), Art Center Nabi (Korea) or Centro Cultural Recoleta (Argentina).


Artist talk with Andrés Senra & Marisa Maza (Thursday 25th July 2019, 8 pm) ⋅ fb event

We are here, we are queer (Friday 26th July 2019, 7 pm)     ⋅     facebook gallery


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