Túlio Rosa

Corpo Brasileiro, Porto 2020
Corpo Brasileiro, Berlin 2020
Corpo Brasileiro, Madrid 2020
Tulio Rosa - X4 - Lado B
Tulio Rosa - Here and Elsewhere
Tulio Rosa - Here and Elsewhere
Túlio Rosa
Túlio Rosa
Túlio Rosa

Túlio Rosa, born in 1989 in Brazil, is a performer and a choreographer. He holds Master’s degree in Performing Arts and Visual Culture - Universidad Castilla-La Mancha/Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid, 2016), Bachelor’s degree in contemporary Dance - Angel Vianna Dance School (Rio de Janeiro, 2011).

Over the last years he has been connected to the contexts organised by Artea in Madrid, such as the Master in Performing Practices and Visual Culture (Museo Reina Sofia 2015-16/2019), and the research program Expanded Theatricalities – Bodies and Democracy (Matadero Madrid, 2016-17), as a researcher, and more recently as invited lecturer.

Is his trajectory, he collaborated with choreographers Luís Garay and Diego Bianchi (Argentina), Ana Borralho and João Galante (Portugal), and Giselda Fernandes (Brazil). He also collaborated with Marcelo Evelin on the performance Suddenly everywhere is black with people, and on the research/development of Barricada, recently presented at Reina Sofia Museum, in Madrid.

His last projects ‘Here and Elsewhere’ (2018) and ‘Experiments for a non submissive body’ (2015-17) have been presented internationally in spaces as Teatro Solís (Montevideo), Museo del Chopo (Mexico), Hošek Contemporary (Berlin), Teatro Pradillo, Swinton Gallery, DT Espacio Escénico and Storm and Drunk (Madrid), Teatro Praga (Lisboa), CCMatienzo (Buenos Aires), NPAK (Yerevan), among others.

1989 is a provisional title of Túlio Rosa's latest project which is being developed throughout 2019 in various collaborations with other artists, in residences in Spain (Residencia Paraíso/Colectivo rpm), Belgium (Kunstencentrum Vooruit) and Portugal (mala voadora, Porto).

Túlio Rosa was the first resident of Hošek Contemporary Art Residency.


Corpo Brasileiro 3 (October 23, 2020 in Porto, Portugal)     ⋅      text     ⋅     fb gallery

Corpo Brasileiro 2 (July 24, 2020 in Berlin, Germany)     ⋅      text     ⋅     fb gallery

Corpo Brasileiro (February 28, 2020 at Storm and Drunk, Madrid, Spain) ⋅  text ⋅ fb gallery


Ad Extra (October 31 & November 1, 2020 in Porto, Portugal)  ⋅  synopsis  ⋅  fb gallery

1989 (together with Beatriz Cantinho, 27th Oct. 2019)     ⋅     synopsis     ⋅     fb gallery

Here and Elsewhere (Premier 28th Sep. 2018)  ⋅  press release  ⋅  gallery Berlin  ⋅ Madrid


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