Tomer Zirkilevich

Photo © Vincent Glad.
Photo © Vincent Glad.
Photo © Vincent Glad.
Photo © Tomer Zirkilevich.

Tomer Zirkilevich is an Israeli choreographer, director, performer and teacher. Graduate of The Dance school at the Kibbutzim College, Tel-Aviv. Moving to Germany in 2013, he funded Tomer Zirkilevich Company in Berlin, where he is still based. Tomer is actively involved in the German independent scene, creating and producing most of his works between Berlin and Munich. His works have been shown in different festivals and venues around Europe and include: My David & SODOM; Psyche and Amor; Infidelity: A love story; Like Father Likes Son (part 2); Auf Wiedersehn and more. His video dance, ‘Sachliche Romanze,’ won several prizes in festivals around the world. Tomer works in the fields of physical theater, screen-stage performance and video dance. His pieces deal with ‘conflicts of values’ and social norms. Tomer Zirkilevich is the laureate of the Hosek Contemporary Prize 2021.


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