Improvised & Experimental is a series of sound installations organised since November 2016 in Berlin. The aim of the series is to present free improvised and experimental sound and music without score (with occasional exceptions). So far over 100 performances have been organised at six different locations in Berlin, Germany, but also in Porto, Portugal, gathering over 300 Berlin-based and international artists from the experimental music scene.


Starting in a white cube gallery on Rosa-Luxemburg Strasse 26 in the district of Mitte, the series was established based on an idea of cellist Guilherme Rodrigues. The installations later moved into a more intimate setting in a private venue on Gormannstrasse 19. They are currently hosted seasonally every Wednesday in Hošek Contemporary’s performance space onboard Motor Ship Heimatland.

Improvised & Experimental No. 102

Wednesday March 17, 2021

-1st set- Tizia Zimmermann (accordion), Pablo Lienhard (mixer and other equipment)

-2nd set- Rieko Okuda (electric piano), Joni Sigil (drums)

-3rd set- Mizuki Ishikawa (modular synthesizer), Wei Kang Beh (objects and mixer)

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Improvised & Experimental No. 103

Wednesday March 24, 2021

-1st set- Sofia Salvo (baritone saxophone),  Markus Krispel (alto saxophone)

-2nd set- Luca Marini (drums, objects), Margaret Unknown (lap steel, voice)

-3rd set- Higino Andrade (double bass), Fabíola (voice, effects)


Improvised & Experimental No. 104

Wednesday March 31, 2021

-1st set- Elio Amberg (tenor saxophone, speaker), Silvan Schmid (trumpet, speaker)

-2nd set- Inma Bernils (voice & objects)

-3rd set-  Anouck Genthon (violin), Ed Williams (guitar)

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