Miriama Kardosova

Miriama Kardosova (b. 1988 in Ilava, Slovakia) is a performer and visual artist living in Prague, Czech Republic, where she graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. Her works have been exhibited in Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany and the Czech Republic.


“In my artworks or stories, the contrast between men and women is used for creating real utopistic worlds, where both genders live side by side. I want to point out that I do not react on the differences between those two worlds only. I use them to create deep tension. Gestures and situations may evoke multiple meanings; women positioned in a state of humility and full devotion can offer an erotic experience to some viewers, while gestures and the situation in which everything is happening show the gesture itself as a courageous act. I try to create an atmosphere which hints at something disturbing in the story. The pictures are full of gnawing silence, predicting that something has to happen. However, I do not show to viewers what it should be. I only show them one frame and I wait where they will take the story. It is a game between me and the individual viewer.” (Miriama Kardosova's artist statement). 

Sensuality and the human body are important aspects in Miriama Kardošová’s work. Originally she has a degree in classical painting, but has since years co-worked on projects, which can be characterised as art performances. During Berlin Art Week 2015, she participated in the exhibition “Studies” by Jan Durina as the main performer at the opening reception. Vibrating Cage, a site-specific piece made for Hosek Contemporary in March 2017, was Miriama's first solo performance. Using her own body as a canvas, she created short, intensive connections with random, anonymous people from the audience. The participants were confronted with a first-hand sensual encounter. 


Miriama is crossing the border of intimacy while almost becoming an object. At the same time, she gains a powerful role as a dominant female figure, drawing the beholder into an intimate, sometimes erotic contact.



Gelber Himmel (29th April 2017)   ⋅   press release   ⋅   facebook picture gallery

Vibrating Cage (3/2017)   ⋅   facebook picture gallery  


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