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Michael Klingner

Michael Klingner
Michael Klingner - Selected lights

Born in 1989 in Jena, Germany, Michael Klingner’s parents took him to Berlin at the age of two months. With a DDR background, the family stayed in the Eastern part of the city where Klingner grew up with his older brother, who also initiated him to graffiti at the age of 13. Always interested in drawing, he quickly grasped spray painting, spending most of his time outside practicing. Soon Graffiti became a priority in his life and after painting countless walls, trains, rooftops and stations, Klingner had become a successful street artist, achieving the fame he had hoped for.


While traveling overseas to Australia, Thailand and Brazil in 2010-2011, Klingner realized he wouldn’t reach all his artistic goals through only focusing on illegal graffiti. He began studying architecture in 2012 and was offered a two-year position by a professor at his university, assisting other students with drawing and occasionally organising his own courses. The following year, he took a whole class on a field trip to Lisbon, driving through Europe and drawing everything they saw on the way. He cites Gerd Sedelies, an art professor who taught him about perspective, contrast and shape, as one of the greatest influences on his artistic development. Since 2013, Klingner has been creating light objects, a practice, which with his own words came to him under “obscure circumstances”. He uses the artist name Veit Heart.

Text © Linda Toivio.


Selected light objects (MS Heimatland - Grand Opening) - 27th April 2018  

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