Matyas Malac

Despite his young age (born 1997), Matyas Malac has already produced a very characteristic body of work. Very early on, he moved from a figurative approach to a more abstract one, showing an admirable skill and comprehension of colour and composition. The blurred boundary between the subject and the background present in his earlier pieces is completely erased in his latest works, making it impossible to identify a subject. Matyas' pieces now revolve around textures, shapes and colour, although he sees them as mere instruments or the necessary visible elements for making his paintings. Through the eye catching synergy of shapes and colours that work as a visual metaphor for what we perceive as reality, he wants to find an unnatural and unknown vision, something beyond our everyday understanding.


Influenced by Gerhard Richter, Matyas questions whether it’s possible to represent the situation of our modern times through seeking a subject in his work. In an age when information is more accessible than ever, individuals are becoming increasingly passive while growing more alienated. An overload of information leaves people unable to discern between what matters and what doesn't, as the quantity of information hinders its meaning. This is why Matyas finds it impossible to reflect our current society by showing a subject in his canvases; because the subject is getting lost. His style of painting is very intuitive and one can appreciate the freedom of the movements applied to the canvas. While painting, Matyas follows a very clear vision of the picture in his mind, however in the process of creation, he must overcome or destroy it. That is in his opinion, the only way to be free in his work. Brutal yet subtle, his works arise from a natural urge to create, and although every piece is its own entity, they should be understood in context with the others. When he creates, his previous creations serve as a point or reference, therefore Matyas' art revolves around itself.


Text © Laura Cabiscol Claveria




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