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Luke Conroy and Anne Fehres

Anne Fehres & Luke Conroy
Video still from Phantasm Series
Video still from Phantasm Series
Video still from Phantasm Series
Video still from Phantasm Series
Video still from Phantasm Series

Luke Conroy (AUS) and Anne Fehres (NL) are a duo who specialise in multidisciplinary visual art projects. Their projects utilise photography, video and research to create a variety of works which have a central focus on people, stories and places.


Anne (b.1988) is a filmmaker and visual artist who graduated from the Royal Academy, Ghent (BE). Her practice is concerned with social subjects, the relationship between the psychological and the physical nature of people.

Luke (b.1990) is visual artist, teacher and sociologist who graduated from the University of Tasmania (AUS). Broadly, both his sociology research projects and visual art practice, are centred on an exploration of place and the routines and memories held there.

During their time at Hošek Contemporary, Anne and Luke will present a work titled ‘Phantasm’. This work will present a series of surreal scenes that combine moving and still imagery. Each of these scenes juxtaposes the urban against the natural world, where the boundaries between each are blurred. The aim of these scenes is to highlight our complex relationship with the natural world. The urban spaces of humans are often presented as positive places of modernised comfort, culture and opportunities. This contrasts a wild, unpredictable and frightening ‘nature’. In contrast, urban spaces can at the same time also be framed as a place of pollution, loneliness and control. Here, the natural world is longed for as an idyllic, beautiful and nourishing alternative. Phantasm seeks to raise the question: ‘is our removal from nature a triumph or a tragedy?’ The project however, does not provide a guidebook for how to navigate this complex question, preferring the audience consider this issue themselves.


Phantasm (31st May 2019 - part of Hafenfest)   ⋅   text   ⋅   facebook gallery


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