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Keegan Luttrell

Keegan Luttrell - Palisade
Photo © Maximillian Conway
Photo © Ute Klein
Photo © Chroma
Photo © Ute Klein
Photo © Chroma
Photo © Ute Klein

Born in 1986 in Knoxville, TN, Keegan Luttrell's creative process stems from the loss of control and the experience of vulnerability. Through her mostly sculptural and performative work, she questions the different ways in which we protect our bodies from various external threats and risks. Her artistic inquiry into the meaning of protection and the act of armouring oneself has led her to ponder what happens to the body once that protection is relinquished.

Within Keegan's sculptural work, there are normally two relationships that either oppose or subvert one another. That can be through a material juxtaposition, such as constructed aluminium chain mail combined with simulated skin-like silicone merging into a singular entity. Or through an intervention such as dissolving unfired clay sculptures of protective garments with water, undermining the legitimacy of the object she has created. It is pivotal for her to reveal these paradoxes and moments of contention, be it through the material she is engaging with or through the concepts she is questioning.


Palisade (exhibition opening Friday August 27, 2021, 7-10 pm)   ⋅    text   ⋅   facebook gallery

(August 27 - September 11, 2021)


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