Ivana Ivkovic

Ivana Ivkovic (born 1979, Belgrade / Serbia) holds a M.A. degree in Drawing from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Since 2002 she has exhibited in several very successful solo shows in Montreal, Belgrade, New York, Beirut, Dusseldorf, Vienna, La Coruña, Bodrum, Basel, Calcutta and Copenhagen as well as many group shows internationally. She is a three-time finalist of the prestigious Politika prize for the best exhibition and the holder of KulturKontakt Vienna, Austria - artist in residence scholarship for 2008, Residency Unlimited New York, USA - artist in residence scholarship for 2012, Casa dell Arte, Bodrum, Turkey – grant for 2013, Les Gens Heureux, scholarship of the City of Linz for 2014, Beirut Art Residency scholarship for 2015, Can Serrat Barcelona full stipend for 2016 and more. Her works are part of Telenor Collection of Serbian Contemporary Art, Collection of the Museum of Belgrade city and of several important private collections in New York and Basel.


Ivana Ivkovic rubs shoulders with Serbian feminism as she addresses a similar topic using the male body both as a subject and an object. Being equally worshiped and demonised in Serbian culture of the 90s, men, especially their physical presence and appearance, have become an obsession in pop-folk songs, music videos, films and in real life in parallel. This is a phenomenon that somehow went unnoticed as it happened, as a consequence of social changes, war, anxiety and fear. Seeing a man as a soldier (in the early 90s), a potentially dangerous criminal or a damaged street kid has, paradoxically, put the male body into a position of objectification, observation and, therefore, vulnerability. In the most unexpected way, Ivkovic shifts the infamous classical roles between women and men in art, using semi-naked male body as a channel of sensitivity, discomfort, sensuality. (from the text by curator Natalija Paunic)


I only want to love me (Friday 26th July 2019, 8 pm)  ⋅  text  ⋅  pictures  ⋅  polaroids



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