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Arabella Hope

Arabella Hope
Arabella Hope
Arabella Hope
Arabella Hope

‘My work is a conversation about painting - engaging with the history of art and mark-making. I paint, cut, seal, and sew my paintings into 3-D forms, using conceptually relevant materials. Everything starts with painting, and my work is concerned with the themes of the consumption era we belong to.

I’m interested in how far painting can go, how far it can be pushed, and what painting means. 

However, as my generation is the first to really fear overpopulation and climate disaster, it is with installation and making cross-disciplinary paintings that I am trying to address our obsession with consumption and cheap plastics and materials. 

I love the promise of these futuristic materials, their ease, their lovely colours and shiny surfaces. But, everything we make to be disposable now last for thousands of years. 

The history and high culture of art, versus, the disposable cheapness of plastic, and finding a discussion of worth between the two. 

I’m not interested in making people feel dreadful about the planet or their enjoyment of these materials, I don’t think any pro-active change is brought about by dread. I’d like my work to speak to the complex humorous relationship we have with these materials, positive and negative.’


All our Helium is Escaping into Space! (April-May 2019)    ⋅    press    ⋅    curatorial text    ⋅  Gallery 1     ⋅     Gallery 2 


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